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An Advisory on Image

I started bgi in 2013 & before welcoming you into my world I must speak to you from the heart & from experience. No sale matters more than the truth. There are no rules to this. Let your hair down. Turn your ICON switch on & turn it off just as easily. I’ve cried over acne on my skin and have obsessed over unhealthy diets to maintain an image. I want you to know that none of this is important. It’s just fun. We don’t compare ourselves to anyone because the only person we compete against is the person we were yesterday. Photos on bgiphoto.com may be retouched or digitally altered & present enhanced glamour imagery. This text entry is for the old me that would’ve seen this website wanting the lifestyle presented so badly. This was work. All of us involved look at these photoshoots like the days we took these photos were perfect, but the human condition is comprised of good & bad days. I hope you enjoy the photos, the colors, the stories. Let confidence be part of your story & don’t let beauty standards derail you because this is a fantasy. Never let anyone make you feel like you need to look glam to be valuable. The depth of a human being surpasses the superficial & we can chose if and when we want to look a certain way. Look people in the eyes, laugh, smile, live & think more of how much joy you can bring to others more than what you look like no matter how you believe you appear to the external world. Give everyday your best. Be Bold. Be Brave. BE YOU!

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